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Youth Hostel Malavli (Pune) is an attractive place for trekking to Lohgad Fort ( The fort was captured by Shivaji Maharaja in 1670) , Visapur Fort (Built in 1713-20 A.D.), Bhaje Caves (Buddhist Seminary during 2nd to 6th century A.D) , Karla Caves (2nd Centuries old Buddhist Caves), Bedse Caves and, Valvan Dam, Bhushi Dam, Pauna Dam, Rajmachi Fort, Wax Museum.

The centre is 10 km from Lonavala (Famous hill station) and 14 km from Khandala (Film shooting spot) 16 km from Duk's Nose and 20 km from Loins Point and 30 km from SAHARA Ambey Valley, 50 km from Pune City.

The nearest social institutes are SAMPARC Children's Home, Vedanta Academy, Atma Santulan Kendra, Kaiwalyadham.

Lohgad Fort Visapur Fort Bhaje Caves
Karla Caves Bedse Caves Valvan Dam
Lonavala Khandala Sahara Ambey Valley
Malavli Shaniwar Wada Lions Point

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Monsoon covers India

NEW DELHI: Annual monsoon rains, crucial to India's economy, covered the country on Wednesday but remained 23 percent below average, sparking fears of their impact on two cereal-producing states.

The pounding rains that sweep across the continent from June to September are dubbed the "economic lifeline" of India, which is one of the world's leading producers of rice, sugar, wheat and cotton.

"The monsoon is covering the entire country today with parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan (states) receiving heavy rains," India's chief meteorologist L S Rathore told reporters in New Delhi.